Art, Love and Life, Ethel Carrick and E Phillips Fox

15 Jun
A few weeks ago my friend Sylvie and I went to the Queensland Art Gallery to see the exhibition currently on of the art of Ethel Carrick and E Phillips Fox. For starters, what does the E stand for?
from the website of the Queensland Art Gallery

French flower market 1909 by Ethel Carrick

There was some truly beautiful paintings which I stared at very intensely trying to FIX its particulars in my mind so that I might absorb some of its genius and suddenly begin painting in a like manner. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet, but it might, so I plan to continue.

The Wave, E Phillips Fox


The Rocks and Sea E Phillips Fox

E Phillips Fox’s work immediately had greater appeal, there were some paintings of his done around Sydney Bay and in various places like Tripoli and other places I can only dream of that are really fantastic, and I greatly loved. Ethel Carricks works I didn’t immediately appreciate. It was only on my second go-around of the exhibition that they began to grow on me more and more, which I found very interesting. If you can, and you are an admirer of Impressionism, I recommend going to the exhibition.

Anyway, it has inspired me to start limbering up – artistically speaking. To that end, I have begun to do a “daily dabble” in order to get back in the swing of things.

I bought these pens from the Borders Closing Down Sale, aren’t they gorgeous? The colours are so beautiful, I just want to eat them.

And these are my efforts so far:

Here is Boy looking up at the trees from the verandah,

Here is a drawing of some pansies which Girl picked out at the nursery and planted last week (they are doing beautifully when they aren’t being decimated by the possums),

And then I felt that I had fallen in love with the colours of the pens, and then barely even used them! So I did this, which is Girls hand and my hand together (although I borrowed her textas for the yellow). We each patterened our own hand. See how big hers is now! They are the same size! Scary.

I felt very satisfied with my work, and then benevolently allowed Girl to borrow my pens. This is what she did:

Arent they fantastic?! I am gobsmacked, and not because I didn’t already know that she is a fantastic artist. They are just so bright and quirky. And she wont let me have any! That ratbag. I am going to have to start charging her in drawings for the use of my yummy pens.

Well, I shall leave you with a look at the Fire Wing.

Nightie Night.


4 Responses to “Art, Love and Life, Ethel Carrick and E Phillips Fox”

  1. kasl dglkaj df June 16, 2011 at 1:45 am #

    Dad said he liked your blog entry and your thoughts on the paintings. And before you get upset DomesticDreamer, he hasn’t seen yours at all. He just happened across this one.

  2. Your most favoritest bestest sister ever ♥ bn June 16, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    Wow, those pictures are amazing! I mean Girls ones, not the boring art gallery pieces which I could’ve fallen asleep over….


    ♥ C

  3. Your most favoritest bestest sister ever ♥ June 16, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

    Oh and please add this to your blog so I can freakin subscribe to it!!

    ♥ C

  4. domesticdreamer June 16, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    I was gonna say!! Heh. But something tells me he will be much more interested in the posts about impressionists rather than the latest scintillating dramady on Prime… Hmmm.. And yet he tells me I am his favourite.. Hmm..

    But on a side note, isn’t my niece talented?! Yeah. She gets that from me. Clearly. But if The Slacker could just clear one small point up for me – Why is she drawing roosters? Is this something that has dribbled over from school, or is this Girl clearly a Queenslander??

    Oh, and I love the drawing of Boy. Very cute. Add some color with your beautiful pens 😉

    And the E clearly stands for ‘Extreme’. As in Extreme Impressionism. Or ‘Emu’. Or ‘Emo’. Didja ever think of that?! Nobody Understands! *cries*

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