Sunday Afternoon Goodness

21 Jun

Here in the city, the unofficial colour is black. Everyone wears black to work all the time. It’s always in, goes with other black stuff and is easy. Now my office is my home, but all my stuff is still black. Bummer. I just did a backlog of laundry, five loads of black stuff hanging on the line. We look like a house of goths.

Then I did the woollens, lovely bright zigzag Nana rugs and baby quilts, what a relief. That’s it, I’m not buying a single black thing again.

The sweet pea seedlings have poked their heads above the soil despite the onset of winter. I hope that it is warm enough for them to flower this year, I never get them in the ground soon enough.

Here are Girls violas, aren’t they lovely?

Here are some of Girls other violas. After the possums. See all the denuded spikes sticking up? Bloody possums. Arrrghh!

I need to upload some videos from when that sister of mine was here on Saturday and we had a Wii dance-off. So so soo much fun. I wish they all lived closer so I could beat them all the time. I completely deny that my winning had anything to do with having the “good” controller.

Well, must be off to make some Bruce’s Favourites – that’s jam and coconut slice to you, and ANZAC bikkies. Want some?


One Response to “Sunday Afternoon Goodness”

  1. domesticdreamer June 21, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    Excuse me, I hate to pop your stupid black goth bubble, but it’s not Sunday, it’s Tuesday, so your post is dumb. And incorrect. Also, it has been widely agreed that I KILLED IT at Wii dance-off, and that you are as unco as you have ever been. You have not suddenly grown a right foot. You clearly like to live life on the edge, or else you would know to never. Ever. Suggest posting that video. I told you, that since I released ‘Crazy in Love’ I’m contractually obligated to charge for the use of my booty shaking, and to charge dearly.
    Love, your sister,

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