Long Time, No Post

17 Jul

Well, its been school holidays here, and my mother has come over from India for a visit. This has been the signal to commence an absolute insane time for my family  full of anxiety, carry-on, family dramas and so on (they are the only ones who read this blog, so I shall not go into it because they know all about it anyway, plus I am not into parading out the plethora of family skeletons). I’m sure it’s the same for everyone, right?

Boy and Oofty

Amongst the other stuff, my mother treated us (for this years birthdays and Christmases combined for the lot of us) to a week at Mantra on Kingscliffe. It was Girl, Boy and I, Sister 4 and Sister 5 and their babies our older kidies and our Mom and it was hectic and fun.

This is Boy and Wiggy. Just seconds after this photo was taken there was massive crying. Three babies in one little apartment = mayhem.

We didn’t get a unit that was overlooking the beach which is a bit of a bummer, instead we were on the other side of the complex and faced the oh so lovely carpark, tennis courts and roads etc, but it turned out to be excellent because we were right over the heated swimming pool and that’s where the older kids spent most of their time. We just hung out on the verandah and could keep an eye on them from there. Neglectful parents you say? Well up yours.

Here is Boy checking that all is well with the big kiddies.

We chased the pet rabbits, we walked on the beach, we hunted bunnies, we played in the corridors, we hunted bunnies, we swam in the pool and spa, we hunted bunnies, we played pictionary (although someone  ended up with all the kiddies on her team and would have won if not for that because I don’t care what you say, it totally looked like Grand Canyon. So there) and we hung out and basked in the sun, we hunted bunnies, we ignored the beauty outside our windows and played wii tennis…you get the idea. We never did catch any bunnies though.

Do you see the remains of the beautiful sunset out that door? We are playing wii tennis instead.

Despite planning to and wanting to, I did not manage to do any art at all during the time we were there. Boy has been an absolute limpet attached to me, barely letting me out of his sight for a minute, and quite understandably is very scared of my family. I can’t blame the little feller.

This is Boy looking at my Mom. I think you can see what I mean.

Not to worry, there will be time.

I love sparklers, don’t you?


One Response to “Long Time, No Post”

  1. kasl dglkaj df August 15, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    this is the first time I have seen this post and the accompanying pictures. Wish there were more pictures again. hey! Post more, ok? Dad would like to see them as well. Nice stories though, really enjoying them…but MORE PICS!!!

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