Painted Blind

29 Jul

Off the living room at my place is the door to the sleepout (used as sewing room / computer room / general dumping ground and guest room) which has a window set into the door, probably a relic of when it used to be the entrance to the house back before the landlords built on the verandah. The window has always been covered with an ultra-ugly faded horrible green cheese-cloth curtain which I’ve been meaning to replace for yonks.

Up came the 50% off Lincraft sale, and amongst other goodies, I got some remnant block-out curtain material with a lovely green camoflage pattern on the right side and the block-out on the wrong side for all of $6. In what way is green camo any better than green cheesecloth you may be asking? Well, I have no intention of using the camo side. Instead, remembering my Pa’s thrifty painting tip, I decided to paint on the block-out side.

But really, I wanted Girl to paint it for me because I love her paintings and mine always annoy me. But she’s at that age where I’m too boring for words, so I knew she wouldn’t just go along and hang out with me, so I decided to lure her in by sneakily NOT inviting her, and sure enough, as soon as I got all set up at the kitchen table, and started in on the drawing / painting, she wandered in and asked if she could do some too. Playing hard to get, I denied her permission, whereupon she proved she was already way up on reverse psychology by then refusing to participate at all. Damn! Overplayed my hand, and I was so close, too!

So I completely abandoned my unsubtle attempts at wooing her to my soon-to-be artwork and instead threatened her with no tv or computer for the next week unless she did some masterpieces on the dang block-out already!



Now, I say its a painting, but really, loads of it is pen, textas, even highlighters, and then there is watercolours and a acrylic way watered down for the back because it was the only way I could get that blue. Here are some of Girls details:

I like.

Its not all the way finished yet, I still have to take down that yucky green thing and put up our new masterpiece!

Now I better go and check out the Dreamers blog to make sure she hasn’t randomly decided to do some door art and call me a copycat!





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