It SEEMED like a good idea…or WTF fringe?!

11 Aug

I don’t know why I’ll never learn – what seems like a good idea at 3 in the morning generally seems otherwise in the cool light of reasonable day.

So you all know about my fringe right? In case someone other than my sisters is reading this, I will explain. I had my second child almost a year ago and shortly afterwards suffered a weird phenomena that some people experience and lots don’t – lots of my hair started falling out. Lovely. Just when I thought I was a brush away from baldness (okay, slight exaggeration), it stopped and then slowly started growing back. Which meant I have had a tiny short fringe sticking up for the longest time. I have suffered through this indignity all this time and then, last night getting up in the early hours to go to the bathroom I cought sight of the ridiculous hair and it suddenly seemed absolutely reasonable to pick up the teeny nail scissors and hack off a whole hank of hair at the front and make a bigger fringe for the little fringe to hide behind! I went to bed totally pleased with myself and woke up…not so much.

Actually, it’s not so bad….sorta…I mean, there are hungry people out there! one odd wonky fringe is hardly the end of the world – right?


2 Responses to “It SEEMED like a good idea…or WTF fringe?!”

  1. domesticdreamer August 11, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    Photo’s please!!

  2. Manda August 18, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    Lol, I second the “photos please” comment!

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