Five Posts In One

15 Sep

Dhara picked me flowers today.

Sorry for the long absence, but you know how it goes – especially since I was hanging out with you lot anyway  (and apparently spreading diseases as we went).

Anyway, I have had a draft post for Father’s Day hanging about for ages during which I complain about Paul getting drunk, which I have just deleted and am replacing with this:

Paulie, thank you for being a great dad. We love you.

Onto the rest of the remaining four posts which I have had knocking around in my head, as C of Renovale has told you, we were all sick for yonks after Fathers Day, which is why the post never got posted. Our living room was the Sickroom of Doom (and Smell).

I swear I thought we were all better by the time we went down to Renovale, but apparently we were just Dread Carriers of Disease…

Whilst there, the babies played,

Boy failed to understand he had to blow out his candle as he turned one.

The Walnut Chocolate one was the best. C may whine about there not being enough little cakes, but lets face it – those things are like cakes to the power of ten! We didn’t even finish it all off, and the babies weren’t interested anyway. Boy spat his out with a look of utter disgust. I didn’t mind. I had his share.

He totally loved his toys though.

The Monday we got back, we went for a drive out to Esk to check out a rental property. It’s a weird place, beautiful and out in the middle of nowhere (to me, anyway), but hemmed in close by these craggy hills. Felt odd, almost claustrophobic. I’m too used to the Tweed Caldera for my country life. Too far away anyway. We have decided to concentrate more on the Ipswich area. We’ll become certified Bogans.

So how many posts is that now? Flowers, father’s day, sickies, birthday and esk. Okedokey, that’s your lot. I was going to put up some photos of Paul’s Father’s Day shorts, but I’ll leave that for another day.

I’ll leave you with this:

Don’t ask me what is on that paintbrush. I don’t want to know.

Nighty night.




One Response to “Five Posts In One”

  1. domesticdreamer September 19, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    love those last few pics of boy! very cute. reminds me of the pic of M sucking on the shower.

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