Sneaky Sneaky Bathee Monkey

18 Sep

Boy hates baths big-time, but Boy oh Boy does he need them. So I decided to employ sneak tactics. First I let him spend ages and ages eating and making all the mess he wanted. He spent about half an hour exploring and playing with the food. He even ate a little of it.

Meanwhile, I filled the baby bath out on the verandah in the sun, and filled it with toys, got all the bath stuff ready and took him out there. I didn’t put him in, just put him down on the floor. He was very leery, so I just sat there in the sun with my feet in the water and splashed round, luring him in closer and closer.

Until –


Now the only screaming at bath-time is when I try to get him out. Ah success, sometimes it brings its own problems.


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