Pop-ups and Tantys

18 Oct

Just wanted to show off this little masterpiece:

We got the instructions from the amazing Robert Sabuda website (if I knew how to do hyperlinks in WordPress I would’ve linked his name – just google it if you want to check it out), printed the pieces off, Girl coloured them in, stuck the pieces together and Voila! A Pop-up card is borned! I love this card. I had to brag about it so I can come back and visit with it after we mail it off. Isn’t it cool?

In other news, Boy is STILL sick, and I am so so over snot, whining and vomiting. Except my whining of course – I could whine for Australia. It’s a good thing that kid is such a cutie, cause why else would anyone put up with this sheeit?

Anyhow, here is Girl modelling a nightie I sewed her up a few weeks ago:

It was relatively easy and painless to sew until the supposedly 100% cottonvoile melted when I was pressing the neckline. I almost chucked it in right then and there, but decided to hold off any tantrums and just finish the damned thing.

The pattern is Simplicity 2986. I added in about three inches on the front and back folds when I was cutting out, tapered it to nothing at the neckline to make the skirt roomier and more comfortable to sleep in. I ommited the sleeves and planned to draft an armhole facing, but that is when the fabric melted and I said to hell with it and finished it with blue bias binding instead.

It was really simple and easy to sew up, and probably only took about 2 or so hours including cutting.

Notice Girl’s snarky expression? Almost all the photos of her are like that these days, she finds it hard to keep up and starts giggling, but she’s making a valiant effort to jumpstart teenage angst. It certainly makes it extra fun to tease her.

Oh, I forgot to say that the pirate on the front of the card was from a Google Image search. We didn’t draw it ourselves, we just coloured it in.


2 Responses to “Pop-ups and Tantys”

  1. kellie October 28, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    You are hilarious, and I love you heaps my dear friend

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