Tomatoes Coming From My Ears and Butterick 5022 – Again

29 Oct

Our tomatos are going nutso and we are getting way more than we can use. You want some?

I’d like to try heirloom varieties next time. These are great and better tasting and fresher than the shop tomatoes, but I’d love to try out those wild looking heirlooms.

The zucchini aren’t doing so well. The flowers are dying on the end of the tiny little zucchini and the little zucchinis are just rotting and falling off. I think they’re not getting pollinated. I might have to introduce the boy flowers to the girl flowers and show them how its done. Or something. For some reason its making me feela little squeamish though.Plant sex. Eww.

Talking about plant sex, here are some sweet peas, they are finally going well, and the snap dragons and marigolds are finally flowering.

In other news, I have finally taken some photos of Girl’s new summer nightie, which I have made from Butterick 5022. I bought this years ago and have made it loads of times. I made three last year for her, all of which she has unhelpfully grown out of. This is one:

See, its a little tight under the arms now, but otherwise has stood up really well. I’m not too sure what to do with them now. I feel very fond of these little nighties, but Girl wants to sell them on ebay with a bunch of her other too small clothes, and we don’t have any little girls in the family to pass them on to…yet…Get to work C – you know who you are! We are putting in an order for a little girl please!

Anyway, I made it up again in a larger size (I always trace the patterns onto butchers paper so I can keep using the pattern in different sizes), and here she is. I like the pattern, but the material is a little stiffer than I’d like.  Anyway, this makes two nighties for this summer, I reckon that might be enough. What do you think?

After this I am going to try to finish up a bunch of Burda’s Ruby Shorts for Girl.

I have started one white pair with blue topstitching and blue buttons. The others will be one pair in lightweight denim with red topstitching and buttons (a la sailor mode), a red pair with white buttons and maybe a patterned pair. We’ll see how I go. Now that I have posted it, I have to finish them! That’s the plan, anyway.



4 Responses to “Tomatoes Coming From My Ears and Butterick 5022 – Again”

  1. domesticdreamer November 5, 2011 at 11:49 pm #

    gee, d looks shitty, boy looks happy, flowers look pretty, and i would like some tomatoes… sigh…

    and no, 2 nighties is so not enough. 3-4 so you dont have to do laundry every second day to make sure she has a clean nightie, silly.

  2. theslackone November 6, 2011 at 9:08 am #

    Yep, I can hear Mom heckling from here – Karma! KARMA!!!!

    • John Smith November 13, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

      lol, i was with mom when she looked at this, and believe me, she seriously enjoyed seeing d’s sulky expression messing up your pictures! 🙂


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