Sewing Insanity

17 Dec

Earlier I was questioning whether I actually enjoy sewing as much as I think I do. I have to say,  when I see Girl wearing something I have made for her (so long as its something I’m happy with) I get a huge amount of satisfaction. Equally, if I wasn’t happy with the result, I get a huge amount of dissatisfaction.

There’s another problem here though –  I go way way way overboard. Take now for instance, I decide to make a small girl a fancy fairy dress.

It starts out simple and easy. A quick project. Then as I think about it, my mind embroiders the details. Slowly but surely it is getting more and more fancy. As the moments pass flounce after flounce is added followed by layer after layer- but oh no! I don’t have the materials for that! That’s ok, in pursuit of this fantasy I go out and buy extra. Even though now this project is way over budget I go back AGAIN and buy YET MORE materials. Standing at the cutting counter watching the shop assistant cutting out my SECOND lot of material for the same project, I am feeling sick thinking about how much I am spending.

I try to justify it – well, we packed a lunch today and didn’t spend any other money, plus I was slack and didn’t make it to the greengrocers this week (we have been living on rubbery carrots etc), so that makes up for it – and I pay for it all anyway. Later that night I toy with the idea of sending Scrooge back in the morning for yet more material for flounces, but just barely manage to restrain my hysteria.

In the end, what exactly is the point of this endeavour? Is it for a little girl who quite honestly probably won’t even care for the dress in the first place? Is it for me? It has now become a mission involving many hours sewing till the early hours of the morning, and then getting up early to finish it up in time. I cannot bear to think of the dress being less than perfect. It never is perfect anyway, I always run out of time, money and materials, but I cannot bear to make it less than it can be.

Okay, who am I kidding? She fricking loved the dress, put it on immediately and did not take it off the whole time we visited. However, it is probably the meaning of the term OTT and the skirt is so darned puffy it gets in her way – and typically enough it is that very puffyness which drove me batshit trying to create.

We gave it to her with this little ceramic teaset – you can see the corner of the wicker hamper in the corner of the photos, and I made a large gingham picnic cloth and napkins to match (out of an old curtain of Girls).

This is for the Scrooge’s family’s non-Secret Santa present, where the minimum spent on any one kid is $80. I have to admit I spent a lot more than that on all of it. But the madness being over and sitting in an insane aftermath of red tulle and stretch velvet scraps everywhere, overfull of pizza, pudding and custard, I feel very happy with the dress. I just wish I had kept it a lot simpler and didn’t spend so much.

In the end, I realise I could have just given her the picnic set with the cloth and napkins on its own and it would have been beautiful. Or the dress on its own. I guess you live, and if you’re lucky, you learn. Here’s hoping.


3 Responses to “Sewing Insanity”

  1. KL Goode December 18, 2011 at 1:35 am #

    OMG!!!! Are you INSANE???!!! Oh yeah…that’s the title of the blog… OMG!!! You ARE INSANE!!! Well you didn’t get it from ME! Not could you have gotten it from your FATHER! It’s true then – you are adopted! I bet you could’ve put a down payment on your house. It reminds me so much of how Carol would go completely overboard on a project for the kids, especially (exclusively?) for school or clubs or whenever other mothers might be involved, spending so much time (because she had so much free time…NOT) and money, driving all over the island looking for fine details, hating herself for not being good enough or clever enough and collapsing in a heap in the end. Hmmm…sound familiar?

    Well anyway, in the end it does look fabulous and I have no doubt it will be something that little girl will never forget and cherish. And I noticed another happy little fairy in the background…who I realised was another middle (grand)child. Coincidence? For now…

    • theslackone December 18, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

      Well, maybe not quite a down-payment! But nevertheless, OTT. However, the post was written after the 10 hour sewing marathon, then quick meal-fix and off to a family lunch where I gave it to my niece. Understandably, I was still fried.

      With the benefit of a bit more space, I can still definitely say that I love everything I made and also that I went totally overboard. Hopefully next time I overendeavour I come back to my senses in time or else that someone will hit me over my head to knock some sense into it!

  2. domesticdreamer December 19, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

    Sew crazy… the dress is very cute though…

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