Recap of Christmas and New Year…Finally

18 Jan

OK, so I’ve been very slack lately with the whole updating of the blog thing, haven’t I? Well, in case you haven’t noticed this blog is called the Artful SLACKER!!! So you were forewarned.

Anyway, Christmas has come and gone and New Years too.

We spent Christmas at Renovale’s place, with Domestic Dreamer and all the cousins got together and had fun, or more accurately competed for attention and toys. Fun was had, sunburns were burned, food was eaten (too much), and all I can say is: Man it is a thousand times harder to put this stuff together without Mom in the background doing all the hard work, isn’t it?! Mind you, the work was harder because every last one of us had a toddler on the hip getting in the way of anything that needed doing. Well, glad that’s over.

New Years, I’m sorry to say we almost completely ignored. Paul fell asleep on the couch and I was watching something on tellie. Can’t even remember what.

You may be wondering if I have any New Years Resolutions, to which all I can say is that that deserves a post all its own! I will get to work on that.

Somewhere in between all of this, came my birthday. Im sorry to say it was a non-event, but I am going to do better this year!

Perhaps the biggest thing was that D went to Mackay and stayed a week with her Aunties and was spoiled something dreadful the whole time she was there. She had a ball and was clearly sorry to come back.

So, here’s hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and here’s hoping this year is a fantastic one!


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