Dark Chocolate Insanity Ice Cream and Crafting It

4 Feb

OK, so Christmas pressie from Renovale was a book of ice cream recipes ( Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams At Home) to go with the Cuisineart icecream maker Paulie and I got each other for Christmas. Turns out that this is counterproductive to my New Years Resolution which is to stop being a total and utter pig.

Fortuntely, I don’t care, because I can now make Dark Chocolate Insanity Icecream. Its not really called that, but it should be, and oh boy is it good. Its not perfect, and I have to cop to that being my fault, but it is pretty fricking near it. It also makes a huge mess, and splatters everywhere, but that is my fault too…

So, from the horrid midnight mess to this:

And then this:

Actually, it got a lot worse than this pretty quickly, and I had to clean up a lot of drips on the carpet and strip boy outa that shirt before long, but man was it worth it! It is the darkest, thickest and fullest chocolate icecream I’ve ever had, and I am damn impressed that I made it, even taking into consideration my mistakes – FYI, glucose syrup is not an acceptable substitute for corn syrup, and apparently corn flour is not  corn starch. Who knew? But really, who cares? This is a fantastic ice cream, and amazingly, its egg-free folks!

Oh, and don’t worry, that is the only bit Boy got – as if I’m gonna waste it on him! (and what’s up with the shit photography?! I’ve noticed that by the time all my photos get to WordPress they’re all shaky and blurry! It’s fekked up! – although maybe I should just wear my glasses more frequently or something)

Apart from gorging myself on Dark Chocolate Fat Insanity, I have been on the over-doing it present bandwagon again – and for the same person too! It is my litle neice’s birthday and I have started making a cloth doll. It’s not doing fantastically well, its my first time doll making and I cant tell if I am being hyper critical or not, but I am not real happy with my progress. I downloaded a free pattern from the internet which calls for stretchy material, but since I am trying to only use stuff I already have for this, I decided to use calico leftovers instead. It’s looking a little puckered around the seams. What do you think?

I am not killing myself with a short schedule this time at least, as I have a week to finish it, and I plan on making it a set of clothes (no nekked baby dolls), and if I can be assed, a few extra sets. Also, I plan on giving her wool hair, and in keeping with my aforesaid policy of no spendee le monee, its gonna have to be blue wool hair caus that’s what I gots. I’ll see how it goes, but I hate that hair wisp thing that doll makers do, its like a comb-over for dolls. That shit looks shit. No offence intended though….so if I can it’s gonna be as much blue hair as a baby doll can carry off. I’ll show you how I go.

Anyway, thats it for me. I’m off for a shower and beddie byes!


One Response to “Dark Chocolate Insanity Ice Cream and Crafting It”

  1. domesticdreamer February 5, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    That icecream looks pretty yummy, I think it would make an awesome rocky road version too, with red snakes and marshmallows and nuts all mixed in to it!

    And the doll looks fine, yes there is puckering but I would never have known it was not meant to be like that until you said… So stop telling people things you make are shit, or they will start to believe you!

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