Flowers For Me

19 Feb

Ok, I could pretend that I got these for Valentines Day, but that would be a lie.

My mother-out-law got the bouquet for Valentines Day but she is flying back home tomorrow so I am inheriting them. Yeay! I’m not proud, I will accept flowers under any circumstances. The smaller bunch is from our garden. The red one smells delicious and is a Chrysler Imperial and the white ones are Icebergs.

Sometimes there is something about flowers that just seems so rude…maybe it’s the whole plant genitals thing…?

The bouquet is beautiful but doesn’t have much scent. The home-grown flowers smell beautiful enough for all the store-bought ones. The Chrysler Imperial doesn’t flower often, and grows slowly, but when it does flower, it’s wonderful. The Icebergs, well known for their hardiness, flowers all the time throughout the year and survives my haphazard gardening. They don’t smell as strongly as the Chrysler, and the flowers don’t last long, but they are a wonderful hardy plant. I want lots more of them.


One Response to “Flowers For Me”

  1. twinklingnorthstar February 19, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

    one can never have too many flowers!

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