And We’re Back

20 Mar

Its funny how necessary computers have become to our lives. Our laptop bit the dust a few weeks ago, and you’d think a major catastrophe had hit  our family. We have become so addicted to online banking, paying bills, homework,  etc, that I hardly know how to do anything once the computer was not available. It’s pitiable really. And shameful. I know I used to be a useful person. I didn’t used to have a computer, but I’ve forgotten how to do anything the old fashioned way…like looking recipes up in actual cookbooks.

In the first few days, whilst my withdrawals were raging out of control, I started arguments, freaked out, felt out of touch with the whole world, felt panicked and crazed, sewed a whole dress, made complicated meals and the house has actually been clean! Slowly I realised I was actually enduring this enforced period of isolation. Eventually I realised I quite liked it. I had no idea what stupid arguments were going on out there in blogland or family feud land, I was getting stuff done, getting to bed on time! Getting some real actual proper sleep! For 10 whole days!

We have had the computer back for a few days now, and weirdly once we had it, I wondered what its point was? I had survived without it! I worked out how to pay bills and get stuff done (did you know some banks do still have open branches? Who knew?) but then I remembered all my blogs, and my emails (150 unread emails, all arguments), and pinterest! And slowly but surely things are starting to pile up again, the mess is creeping back along the floors and up the windows. No!!!!

Never fear, I am going to fight against the allure of the computer! I am going to restrict myself to a maximum of 2 hours in any one day online – don’t laugh! I know 2 hours sounds like loads, but be honest – you spend way more than that on the computer, don’t you?



2 Responses to “And We’re Back”

  1. Patch March 21, 2012 at 4:23 am #

    There’s a book called The Winter of our Disconnect, about a family giving up technology and how they survived – your post reminded me of it.

    • theslackone March 21, 2012 at 10:12 am #

      Thanks Patch. I have often thought of doing something like that. I think it’d be really good for the kids to grow up a bit like I did, where we didn’t have tellie or anything until I was about 11 or something. I might have to find that book at the library and see how it went!

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