Eleven Years Old

23 Mar

My Baby has turned 11! How has this happened? She’s a great big 11 too. Almost as tall as me. Any day now she will be as tall as me, and she is looking forward to that day with a great deal of glee.

I set everything up and planned ahead. I made the pancake batter the night before and fridged it, set the table all pretty and nice with flowers I’d hidden in my room, because I knew I wouldn’t have time in the morning. I am just incapable of getting up that early.

So early (ish) this morning, Paul wakes me up and we scurry around frying up the pancakes, whipping the cream and slicing the strawberries and blueberries. We creep into her room to wake her up – and find her sitting in her bed, fully dressed and ready for school and reading a book. Just letting us do our thing. She’d even made her lunch and packed her school bag. Pft!

Anyway, here she is eating her pancakes,

Here are her flowers in her room,

And tonight blowing out her candles. She got her own choice for dinner, and you know what she chooses? Not pizza, not Indian, no. Instead she chose pumpkin soup. Pumpkin soup! Who chooses pumpkin soup?! Although I do admit that my pumpkin soup is frigging awesome. But still.

You may notice 12 candles there, not 11. Thats 1 for good luck.


Oh, I feel sick. We ate too much cake and there’s heaps and heaps left.

You may ask what loot she got. The answer is: not a lot. We bought her a trumpet earlier in the year and the deal was that she wasn’t going to get a birthday or Christmas present for the next three years. But I wanted to get her something. So she got a Harry Potter book, and a stamp making and washi tape set that didn’t arrive in time for Christmas. Oh, and at the last minute I went shopping in my sewing cupboard and whipped up a pink swiss-spotted cotton voile nightie. With some very inexpert embroidery on the bodice.


One Response to “Eleven Years Old”

  1. kanani March 31, 2012 at 7:20 am #

    soooo cute! getting so big

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