7 Apr

I am here on the Slacker because I am avoiding a horrible horrible fate. I just so dont want to be a growned up person right now. Why can’t someone else do it??! Anyone?! I don’t want tooooooooo!!!! Arrrghhhhhhhh!

So in the interests of putting off the inevitble another minute, hour, maybe day…here is some Pinsteration:

I have recently finished an book written by a lady who moved to Fez and, with her husband and a crowd of builders restored an old riad in the Medina. I know, I know, what was I doing reading a book that doesn’t have a cover picture of an embracing couple whose clothes are spontaniously falling off hair improbably blowing, and for some reason a rearing stallion behind them apparently about to trample them. Or a variation thereof.

Well, all I can say is, it was an accident. But it was a really good book. I might have to give proper books more of a try.

I want all of these bowls. Mine, mine mine!

And how cute are these?  I stole them from Ellie’s pinterest folder.

And finally…this, just to tell me to get myself off my big bum and get in there and go and clean out the fridge…sob…noooo…..


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