Thank You God, Its Finished

30 Apr

I hope they like it. I don’t love it myself, though. I think it’s a little too country, a little too staid or something. Basically its not garish enough for me. I was going to bind it in a beautiful green fabric with leaves and caterpillars and birds, but then I realised I still had enough of the blue left over from the squares and I’d be able to keep the green for something else! I kind of wish I’d used the green though, I think it would have made it a touch quirky more than overly country-ish. It’s alright, though.

Can you see how huge the stitches are? I started out small and as the days went by they got bigger and bigger as I was more and more ready to finish! I made it hard on myself by making it a bit bigger than normal for a baby quilt. I just figure it might be more useful for longer, the bigger it is. Its 1m x 1.3m.

I like the back more. I used some baby blue and white striped flannel from my stash. I don’t love it, but I think it’ll do.


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