Whats In A Name?

10 Aug

I’m over this title stuff. It’s hard to think something up that isn’t really dorky. Maybe from now on if I can’t think of something all my titles will be “hgosewhgo heljkh” or similar. Just so you know.

Where have I been lately? Well unfortunately I exceeded my download allowance on the VERY FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH and had to put up with shaped internet for the whole of July. Boy, was it tough. I just barely stopped myself from throwing the computer out the window. Or buying more download allowance. But I was good and I toughed it out. Such are the hardships of our lives, huh? I think we’re doing pretty fricking awesomely if thats the hardship we put up with.

Of course, this doesn’t count pooey nappies, realising I’m going to have to do something about my wisdom teeth (REAL soon), vomiting flus throughout the family or finding the dosh to pay bills, but anyway.

So, yes, I did do stuff while I was away from you! This is what I did…

A whole heck of a lot of these:

to go along with this:

A baby pack for my little sisters newest littlest one. A change-mat made to her specifications, a huge stack of reuseable cotton flannel baby wipes made from a combination of new flannel and flannel recycled from a massive bag of flannel pjs. Yes, yes, I soaked the heck out of them, washed them and hung them out to dry in the sun before cutting them up for use. Then I couldn’t resist buying a little grow-suit set from Pumpkin Patch to go with.

Then I made another set for a friend of mine who has had a beautiful little girl, and then, because I couldn’t help myself, I also made a little patchwork blanket:

with lots of help from Girl who sewed the squares, but we couldn’t be stuffed doing any quilting on it, and I think its just fine without, and then we couldn’t resist making this as well!

Oh, why wasn’t Boy another Girl? Girl clothes are so cute! I wish I made this sort of thing for Girl when she was little, but I was totally into dressing her like a boy. Now I try to dress Boy like a girl, but it doesn’t work…sob…somehow he knows he’s a boy and he screams and carries on “Pretty! Pretty! NOOoooooooooooooo!” Like, seriously? How does he know?

So pretty….Its Butterick 6361, version C but without the sleeves or the hem detail. Instead I completely lined the bodice with a soft voile, but when it was finished it looked a little bit boring and lacking something. So Girl told me to stick a big fat bow on the front of the dress and then on the butt of the bloomers. Too cute. It made it just the right amount of treacle.

It was quick and easy to sew up, in fact I started it the afternoon before and had it finished that night. However, I did cut the newborn size and it might even fit her sometime around her first birthday. Other than that, I’m very happy with it!

I gotta tell you, it was really nice to just sew something quick and easy start to finish without any messing around or problems. I wish all my projects were so easy.

Anyway, must go and force Boy to stop veging in front of the tellie, the trampoline is calling! Bye!



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