Fabric-a-brac at the State Library

2 Sep

I may not have been hanging around The Slacker for awhile, but I have been getting out and about.

Last week (was it last week? I cant remember now) my local meetup mothers group had a meet up at the State Library where there was a fabric and craft swap market (there was also some baby reading and rhymes thing that we went to first, but all I can really remember was the heaven to come). Holy moly it was fantastic.

I coulda spent every cent I had there. It was heartwarming to know I am not the only one who obsessively collects and DOES NOT USE craft materials. They were selling their lovingly hoarded bits and bobs at insane amounts, $3 or $5 for a few metres of material. I was seriously in sewing heaven.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the fabric-a-brac, I was too busy running around avoiding my children’s entreaties for attention/food/milk/home and rummaging through the masses of amazing material.

I actually managed to restrict myself to spending only $25. which was unbelievably hard, but now I regret not getting more. Isn’t that the way? Somehow everything I did get turned out to be pinks and reds though. Wonder what thats about?

It is almost all already button-holed for projects. I wonder if they will get done or if they will simply join my own lovingly hoarded yet untouched cupboard of pretties? Either way, THERE IS NO WAY I am going to sell them at the next Fabric-a-brac. Please PLEASE let there be a next one!


One Response to “Fabric-a-brac at the State Library”

  1. KL Goode September 2, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    I love reading your entries. I had a little chuckle with this and wish I were there too. I could so use your creativity and inspirations right now…tell you later…

    But you have to keep sharing with me…

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