Fathers Day, McScrooges Birthday, Boys Birthday and so on….

17 Sep

Well, it was Boys second birthday last week, and, going against the Pinterest trend, I DID NOT put on a huge shindig which rivals some weddings I’ve been to, nor did I buy out ToysRUs or anything similar. In fact, I went cheapskate the whole way.

I did start thinking about having a big picnic like we did for Girl’s birthdays when she was little, until it occured to me that Boy is shy. OK, lets be honest – Boy really doesn’t like people much, so I figured I should do something he might actually like  far more – we just had a nice dinner at home.


Girl insisted that pumpkin soup is his favourite – he denied that by blowing raspberries at me when I put it in front of him.  Here he is opening the card Girl made him. (do you see that shiner? He took a header into the kagu in the living room, right onto the corner of the step – ooochie).


He got a set of hardcover Lynley Dodd stories, a shirt (I know, lame, right?) and a big Hotwheels car. And thats it. It didn’t matter, once he opened the car, he could car less about the rest of it, ignored the heck out of it all anyway. Well, thats not quite true, we also got him a trike we found on ebay, but I dont have any photos of it! So never mind. Another time.

Here His Preciousness is with his cake (note the Hot wheels car still clutched in one hand)…

About 1 minute after blowing out his candles and eating his first bite he threw up all over his bowl. Lovely. The next few days were filled with similar sorts of loveliness. Euw.

We also had fathers day and McScrooge’s birthday that week (it never rains but it pours).

I cant remember what we got him. Probably not much. He honestly hates it when we get him things and is disappointed with us when we do.

Girl had a birthday party to go to and asked for a pencil case like we did before. Since that fitted in with my typical cheap style I was fine with it. The oilcloth was in the bundle I got at the fabric-0-brac at the State Library a few weeks ago. I actually found it pretty thick and difficult to work with so I had to leave it quite simple. It worked out ok.

I had decided not to do another fabric covered sketchbook because I wasn’t quite happy with the last one, so instead I sewed a cover for an A5 folder and made her a funky diary instead.


Just ignore the little corner of messy workroom there, ok? The inside of the cover is gingham material with clear vinyl from, yet again, sheet set packs sewn over the top. I put together dividers with pretty pictures and titles like: “If I Were A Mermaid” and “Things I Want To Make” and “Super Cool” and “My Dream Castle”. Then I laminated them. I was going to sew around them with top-stitching thread, but I was sewing right up to the minute she was picked up, so I ran out of time.

The images on the dividers mostly come from twopeasinabucket.com, their digital scrapbooking stuff, and some of it is pictures of material in my stash.

The dividers are not quite flush, but never mind, I’m happy with it, and most importantly, Girl was jiggling with delight, and even MORE importantly, some of the other mothers have since approached me to hassle me about them, so I know I have done good! Plus, I have survived the last few weeks, which is the most important thing.

Now if only I can survive the next few on the lead-up to our holiday away…


7 Responses to “Fathers Day, McScrooges Birthday, Boys Birthday and so on….”

  1. KL Goode September 17, 2012 at 2:55 pm #

    Love it all. I especially love that fabulous photo of P and boy. So nice! As always a wonderful project with the notebook thingy. I think this should be your traditional gift for everyone and anyone. And I completely go with the muted birthday party for little kids who couldn’t care less. Plus…weird that you are “married” to ‘dad’!

    • theslackone September 17, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

      Ok, major barf!! Although yes, they are similar. I must say, re-reading that entry I noticed a definite theme on my own behalf of major major huge penny-pinching, so clearly I have more than a bit of Dad’s genes myself!

  2. Patch September 17, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    Totally agree with your muted birthday too. Plenty of time for madness later. Often they prefer the boxes their presents come in anyway!! We love Lynley Dodd… And cars lol!

    • theslackone September 17, 2012 at 11:37 pm #

      Thanks Patch, all the best people do! And yes, better to take a breather now, will need it for later…

  3. domesticdreamer September 18, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    I read this the other day but the pics didn’t come up.. But now they have andI agree, the folder thingy looks great. What did the other mothers say?

    • theslackone September 18, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

      Something along the lines of: “Thanks a lot! Now so and so wants me to do (fill in blank) too!” and of course, long monologues about how fantastic and talented I am. Ok, so I might be exaggerating about the monologues, but they definitely hassled me about the other!

  4. KL Goode September 18, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

    That’s because they really are amazing! not that I would know because I don’t actually have one of these myself!

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