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Fathers Day, McScrooges Birthday, Boys Birthday and so on….

17 Sep

Well, it was Boys second birthday last week, and, going against the Pinterest trend, I DID NOT put on a huge shindig which rivals some weddings I’ve been to, nor did I buy out ToysRUs or anything similar. In fact, I went cheapskate the whole way.

I did start thinking about having a big picnic like we did for Girl’s birthdays when she was little, until it occured to me that Boy is shy. OK, lets be honest – Boy really doesn’t like people much, so I figured I should do something he might actually like  far more – we just had a nice dinner at home.


Girl insisted that pumpkin soup is his favourite – he denied that by blowing raspberries at me when I put it in front of him.  Here he is opening the card Girl made him. (do you see that shiner? He took a header into the kagu in the living room, right onto the corner of the step – ooochie).


He got a set of hardcover Lynley Dodd stories, a shirt (I know, lame, right?) and a big Hotwheels car. And thats it. It didn’t matter, once he opened the car, he could car less about the rest of it, ignored the heck out of it all anyway. Well, thats not quite true, we also got him a trike we found on ebay, but I dont have any photos of it! So never mind. Another time.

Here His Preciousness is with his cake (note the Hot wheels car still clutched in one hand)…

About 1 minute after blowing out his candles and eating his first bite he threw up all over his bowl. Lovely. The next few days were filled with similar sorts of loveliness. Euw.

We also had fathers day and McScrooge’s birthday that week (it never rains but it pours).

I cant remember what we got him. Probably not much. He honestly hates it when we get him things and is disappointed with us when we do.

Girl had a birthday party to go to and asked for a pencil case like we did before. Since that fitted in with my typical cheap style I was fine with it. The oilcloth was in the bundle I got at the fabric-0-brac at the State Library a few weeks ago. I actually found it pretty thick and difficult to work with so I had to leave it quite simple. It worked out ok.

I had decided not to do another fabric covered sketchbook because I wasn’t quite happy with the last one, so instead I sewed a cover for an A5 folder and made her a funky diary instead.


Just ignore the little corner of messy workroom there, ok? The inside of the cover is gingham material with clear vinyl from, yet again, sheet set packs sewn over the top. I put together dividers with pretty pictures and titles like: “If I Were A Mermaid” and “Things I Want To Make” and “Super Cool” and “My Dream Castle”. Then I laminated them. I was going to sew around them with top-stitching thread, but I was sewing right up to the minute she was picked up, so I ran out of time.

The images on the dividers mostly come from, their digital scrapbooking stuff, and some of it is pictures of material in my stash.

The dividers are not quite flush, but never mind, I’m happy with it, and most importantly, Girl was jiggling with delight, and even MORE importantly, some of the other mothers have since approached me to hassle me about them, so I know I have done good! Plus, I have survived the last few weeks, which is the most important thing.

Now if only I can survive the next few on the lead-up to our holiday away…


What The Fwuck?!!

12 Aug

How did this happen?! I am on the train with my sweet and innocent little one and a half year old Boy and he starts shrieking at the top of his lungs “Fwuck Mama! Fwuck! FWUCK!!!” Holy Moly, how the hecking heck did this happen?! O the embarrassment! O the instant recriminations towards the absent Scrooge (despite the fact that I am the bigger potty-mouth of us).

Within seconds I am cringing with embarrassment and unsuccessfully trying a combination of covering his mouth and loud “Shuuuush!!”ing. To no avail. If anything the “Fwuck”ing gets louder and horror! He starts to drop the “w”!

And then the realisation: Fwuck = Truck. This is a relief, but not a great one since no-one else realises it, and a train full of people are silently castigating my parenting, and soon they are joined by everyone in the CBD as he loudly rejoices in every “Fwuck!” we pass.  And there are a frick-load of delivery fwucks in the CBD.

McScrooge almost swallowed his tongue when Boy greeted his arrival home that evening with a long and mostly incomprehensible monologue about “Fwucks”.

It is both hilarious and horrifying and three days later Boy still shows no signs of abatement, despite long and clear coaching of the “TR” sounds. He says “TRain” and “TRack” very clearly and wonderfully, and “Fwuck” very clearly too. About the only progress is that more often than not the “w” is being dropped. And let me just mention here that Boy is OBSESSED with fwucks.

I have to admit, though, to indulging in more than a snigger when McScrooge, Girl and Boy came home from Church this morning and said that Boy called out very loudly and clearly: “Fwuck! FWUUUUUUUUCK!” through the service. I have never been 4more relieved to be a heathen and to get to sleep in every Sunday morning.

A Brief Moment of Sunshine

26 Jun

McScrooge was out west last weekend, and the kidlets and I treated it a bit like being on holidays. Which is a bit mean, isn’t it? I mean, in fact it was extra work, but theres something about not having to fight someone for the remote or defend my program choices to – although in fact what happened was that Girl claimed the remote and I didn’t get to watch what I wanted anyway…

And it was a fricking beautiful weekend. It was sunny and warm without being boiling. We went to the markets, and had a ride on the ferry, and then on Sunday we made savoury carrot and broccoli muffins and scones with jam and cream. Girl built a big cubbyhouse in the backyard with sheets and stuff and Boy got in her way and pulled it all down and then we pigged out. And it was glorious. McScrooge needs to go west more often. Either that or we just need to get out more…

Boy is looking more and more like his Daddy. I think it’s the little milk-bellie that does it. On his Dad it’s more a beer-bellie though.

Mmmm, scones with jam and cream….except at the last moment we realised we had run out of jam, and instead its scones with cranberry sauce and cream….yum….well really its practically exactly the same. So still yum.

The Sick Room and Other Stories

23 May

It has been rivers and rivers of gross oozing green snot and coughs all over the place over here. Girl had a few days off school (coinciding with a report that she hadn’t finished which was due…hmmm) and Boy had a week off of Playgroup. I chucked a few mattresses on the floor of the livingroom and they built themselves a nest of nanna-rugs, pillows and snotty tissues and zombied the days away.

There is still a fair amount of snot hanging around, but they are finally mostly over it, and on the weekend we went down and spent the day with the Dreamer! That Oof is such a sweetie, he honestly is so happy and trusting. The Boy by comparison watched any and everyone suspiciously right up until we were leaving when he condescended to cuddle Oof. The Dreamer rustled up some delicious burritos with an avocado salad, and apple crumble with ice cream. It was really lovely to hang out and hopefully we’ll do it again soon.

In other news, HELLO my newest nephew, Jimmy Ray Jeep Wrangler! Can’t wait to see you! Big smooches from your aunties! xxxxooooo!!!

Oh! And just to make everyone jealous – I’m making potato scrolls for dinner! Mmmmmm! Heh heh eheh!


Here Comes the Rain Again

1 Mar

It is, to use the vernacular, pissing down. And its not like its making everything nice and cool or anything. No, instead it is stinking steamy and humid.

Hey, at least you cant hear me singing! Don’t you love rain on a tin roof? Even though it is somewhat deafening. The rain, not me!

Yes, this is the guttering at our place – non existent.

Outside the kitchen window.

I think Boy likes the rain too.

What A Grub

12 Feb

Dark Chocolate Insanity Ice Cream and Crafting It

4 Feb

OK, so Christmas pressie from Renovale was a book of ice cream recipes ( Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams At Home) to go with the Cuisineart icecream maker Paulie and I got each other for Christmas. Turns out that this is counterproductive to my New Years Resolution which is to stop being a total and utter pig.

Fortuntely, I don’t care, because I can now make Dark Chocolate Insanity Icecream. Its not really called that, but it should be, and oh boy is it good. Its not perfect, and I have to cop to that being my fault, but it is pretty fricking near it. It also makes a huge mess, and splatters everywhere, but that is my fault too…

So, from the horrid midnight mess to this:

And then this:

Actually, it got a lot worse than this pretty quickly, and I had to clean up a lot of drips on the carpet and strip boy outa that shirt before long, but man was it worth it! It is the darkest, thickest and fullest chocolate icecream I’ve ever had, and I am damn impressed that I made it, even taking into consideration my mistakes – FYI, glucose syrup is not an acceptable substitute for corn syrup, and apparently corn flour is not  corn starch. Who knew? But really, who cares? This is a fantastic ice cream, and amazingly, its egg-free folks!

Oh, and don’t worry, that is the only bit Boy got – as if I’m gonna waste it on him! (and what’s up with the shit photography?! I’ve noticed that by the time all my photos get to WordPress they’re all shaky and blurry! It’s fekked up! – although maybe I should just wear my glasses more frequently or something)

Apart from gorging myself on Dark Chocolate Fat Insanity, I have been on the over-doing it present bandwagon again – and for the same person too! It is my litle neice’s birthday and I have started making a cloth doll. It’s not doing fantastically well, its my first time doll making and I cant tell if I am being hyper critical or not, but I am not real happy with my progress. I downloaded a free pattern from the internet which calls for stretchy material, but since I am trying to only use stuff I already have for this, I decided to use calico leftovers instead. It’s looking a little puckered around the seams. What do you think?

I am not killing myself with a short schedule this time at least, as I have a week to finish it, and I plan on making it a set of clothes (no nekked baby dolls), and if I can be assed, a few extra sets. Also, I plan on giving her wool hair, and in keeping with my aforesaid policy of no spendee le monee, its gonna have to be blue wool hair caus that’s what I gots. I’ll see how it goes, but I hate that hair wisp thing that doll makers do, its like a comb-over for dolls. That shit looks shit. No offence intended though….so if I can it’s gonna be as much blue hair as a baby doll can carry off. I’ll show you how I go.

Anyway, thats it for me. I’m off for a shower and beddie byes!