Cheap Presents

23 Jun

Summer, summer where for art thou Summer? I miss you! I’m fricking freezing my bloody ass off! This is the season for flannel people. Lots and lots of flannel. Its also the season for crafts because its about the only time of year the sewing room is bearable for any length of time.

So yes, I have been sewing up a storm. Girl had a birthday partay to go to of the sleepover variety and ofcourse, being the cheapskate I am, I sewed for it. I think I spent a grand total of $8 on this present. Girl designed the whole thing after denouncing all my ideas as “lame and boring” and  ordered a sketchbook to be covered with her selection of materials, a pencil case – again in her selection of material and some pencils from the newsagency. The cost was $5.50 for the sketchbook, and $2.50 worth of lead pencils.

I had some oilcloth left-over from another project (I’ll tell you all about it later) and I used some plastic from one of those cases that sheetsets come in – you know the ones? I have never been able to throw them out, and have finally found a use for about 10cms worth of one…now I just have a bag full of them to go. The pencil case pattern is from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches, but I didn’t read the instructions properly and accidentally made it about 5 or 10cms smaller than it should have been.  I don’t know what it is about the instructional language in that book, but after reading about a paragraph my eyes glazed over and I realized I hadn’t a clue what it was trying to say. Couldn’t make head nor tails of it. OH well. Still, it worked ok.

I covered the book with the material as per Girl’s instructions, but couldn’t find any of my origami paper or anything to put on the inside to hide the messy bits. In desperation I used some old colour cards. Oh well. Its covered.



D Cut Her Fringe…

13 Jun

Really, need I say more?

Why can’t she learn from my mistakes? Why does she want to make her own?

There’s Nothing Like The Smell Of Turps In The Morning

30 May

So, you’ve probably noticed that this is supposed to be the ARTFUL Slacker blog, and I’ve had a lot of the Slacker bit, and a fair bit of sewing and feeding my face and a lot of kiddie wrangling, and lots and lots of wasting time on Pinterest, but not so much of the Artfulness. I noticed that too.

Anyway, I have actually been painting on and off lately, and thought I’d get a critique on what I’m working on lately. So, just so we’re clear, what I mean by critique is: I don’t really want your honest opinion. Really, what you are supposed to say is “Its fabulous, let me give you mega bucks to make it mine!” and other positive sounds. I dont want to hear a single: “all the diagonals in the brushwork is directing the energy flow out of the painting” or anything similar, ok? We clear? Then let the critiqing (spelling, anyone?) begin!

OK, so there is a fair amount of shine on the paint still that you can see glistening there. That’s gonna happen so just ignore it. So CONSTRUCTIVE criticism anyone? I know the photo is a bit blurry too…

In other news, McScrooge went to a Prince concert (He got free tickets),

Honestly, this man is not a person who has EVER been known to sing along to a Prince song, but a free ticket is a free ticket. Although, he did buy himself a hat from the op shop which he swears is a dead-set Prince hat. I thought the purple velvet one with the satin ribbon was way more Prince, but admittedly, it did cost $2 extra… Anyway, he had fun, but I think the shocking amounts of alcohol consumed before he left may have had something to do with it.

And, I finally made those potato scrolls. Man, they are so fricking good! Yum yum. We ate them all up and there was none left for Girl to put in her lunchbox the next day. I think next time I’ll put some parmesan in the pastry part of the scroll, that might be nice.

Anyway, I think that’s it! Talk to yas later, I guess I should actually go and tidy the place – or even go to sleep! Frick, I can’t believe how late it is! Why do I always do this?!!! Gotta go –



The Sick Room and Other Stories

23 May

It has been rivers and rivers of gross oozing green snot and coughs all over the place over here. Girl had a few days off school (coinciding with a report that she hadn’t finished which was due…hmmm) and Boy had a week off of Playgroup. I chucked a few mattresses on the floor of the livingroom and they built themselves a nest of nanna-rugs, pillows and snotty tissues and zombied the days away.

There is still a fair amount of snot hanging around, but they are finally mostly over it, and on the weekend we went down and spent the day with the Dreamer! That Oof is such a sweetie, he honestly is so happy and trusting. The Boy by comparison watched any and everyone suspiciously right up until we were leaving when he condescended to cuddle Oof. The Dreamer rustled up some delicious burritos with an avocado salad, and apple crumble with ice cream. It was really lovely to hang out and hopefully we’ll do it again soon.

In other news, HELLO my newest nephew, Jimmy Ray Jeep Wrangler! Can’t wait to see you! Big smooches from your aunties! xxxxooooo!!!

Oh! And just to make everyone jealous – I’m making potato scrolls for dinner! Mmmmmm! Heh heh eheh!


Happy Mothers Day

14 May

Happy Mothers Day everyone! My Mothers Day was wonderful and also rather horrible. How was yours?

We had lots of fun, and lots of fights. It started out promisingly, with breakfast in bed – toasted croissants with avocado, cheese and tomato, chocolates and cups of tea. Before too long the bed was filled with giggling kiddies, crumbs and a thousand ferrero rochere wrappers.

This was followed by a blissful hour on my own since the Scrooge took the kidlets to church (I am a heathen and get to stay home). Then much fun was had when I attempted to change the sheets and make the bed. Every time I tried to get some chores done Scrooge came along and sent me off, promising faithfully to complete my mission for me. I generally just finished them once he got distracted and wandered off…Hey, it’s the thought that counts!

We had home-made icecream for lunch (maple syrup and roasted buttered pecans), and leftover homemade pizza from the night before.

And then despite having plans to go to Bunnings to get some flower plants and garden the rest of the day, we ended up having an impromptu kite making competition, using only materials we already had around the house, followed by a a kite flying competition at the park.

I am proud to say my kite definitely rocked! I have to admit I cheated though, I snuck onto the internet and bought a quick ebook on kite-making and then just copied – skipping all the hard bits.

This is D flying my kite cause it was definitely the best – even though it didn’t stay aloft for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Then a certain someone had a major meltdown when her kite fell apart, crying and proclaiming that she hated Mothers Day because it always gets wrecked. NO! It wasn’t me, thank you very much! The tantrum was finally brought under control at dinner time. Yes, it was a long tantrum.

Where’s some alcohol when you need it, that’s what I want to know. Oh, that’s right. I drank it already.


I Have A Sudden Craving For Oranges

12 May

In case this makes no sense, there is an orange on the plate.

Thank You God, Its Finished

30 Apr

I hope they like it. I don’t love it myself, though. I think it’s a little too country, a little too staid or something. Basically its not garish enough for me. I was going to bind it in a beautiful green fabric with leaves and caterpillars and birds, but then I realised I still had enough of the blue left over from the squares and I’d be able to keep the green for something else! I kind of wish I’d used the green though, I think it would have made it a touch quirky more than overly country-ish. It’s alright, though.

Can you see how huge the stitches are? I started out small and as the days went by they got bigger and bigger as I was more and more ready to finish! I made it hard on myself by making it a bit bigger than normal for a baby quilt. I just figure it might be more useful for longer, the bigger it is. Its 1m x 1.3m.

I like the back more. I used some baby blue and white striped flannel from my stash. I don’t love it, but I think it’ll do.